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At TieUpTales.com you are able to read quality fiction with fabulous color illustrations about people who get "all tied up" in their lives. Now in its fifth year, Tie Up Tales continues to provide its subscribers with mysteries, thrillers, action adventures stories, serials, erotic bondage features, and comics with a wide variety of characters and situations. For complete details on how to access Tie Up Tales comics and stories, go to our subscriber information page.
Ongoing stories on Tie Up Tales include The Price of Fame series, life on the road with music idol Johnny Rocker and his chief of security Michael Dunleavey, Street Tales, the adventures of Mario Gutierrez who moves from the ghetto to an exclusive private school on a Caribbean island, The Rival Detectives, and Kayla Cavanaugh and Ellis Hillsborough, two young one percenters who are amateur detectives. For the complete list of available titles go to the stories page.
The America Boys
Serials include Revenge is Best Served Cold, where college student Troy Devereaux learns about live, love, and payback the hard way, and The Weekend Stories, incredible bondage sessions at the Triple T Ranch. Currently Tie Up Tales has two long running comic strips with multiple episodes, The America Boys and Kyle Cameron Cosmic Ranger. For complete information on which episodes are available go to the comics page.
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If you have purchased a teaser set of images through our images4sale store and received a user ID and password for your free bonus access to the related comics or stories, click on the comics page or stories page links to find where to log in for the related content. If you purchased an image set and didn't receive your bonus access user ID and password, go to the subscriber information page to find out how you can gain access.
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Annual Subscribers: Our subscription format is changing. Recurring annual subscriptions are being phased out. Existing annual and six month subscriptions will be honored through their term. If you have an existing annual subscription use this link to access the 2014 issues. Member Login for Annual or Six Month Subscriptions. Use the members archives links to access other volumes.
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Tie Up Tales is an adult site. Stories on this site include both male and female tie ups, some have scenes with violence or criminal activity, and some are sexually explicit. You must be an adult to view the site.
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