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At TieUpTales.com you are able to read quality fiction with fabulous color illustrations about people who get "all tied up" in their lives. Now in its fifth year, Tie Up Tales continues to provide its subscribers with mysteries, thrillers, action adventures stories, serials, erotic bondage features, and comics with a wide variety of characters and situations. Each monthly issue of Tie Up Tales features a new short story or serial installment, with original full color illustrations.
In addition, each issue contains the latest episode of an exclusive Tie Up Tales comic strip. For 2014 we will present twelve additional episodes of The America Boys, a contemporary comic strip set in the small California coastal town of Piscador Beach. Click on The America Boys image on the left to check out the teaser for the series.
Each monthly issue also includes a photo essay with a discussion of video tie up scenes. Tie Up Tales is an adult site. Stories on this site feature both male and female tie ups, often have scenes with violence or criminal activity, and many are sexually explicit.
There are two ways to enjoy Tie Up Tales. The best way is to become an annual subscriber. Annual subscribers gain immediate access to the entire content of the site. You can also subscribe on a six-month plan or get a trial subscription. For complete details on Tie Up Tales subscriptions, go to our subscriber page.
The second way to enjoy Tie Up Tales is to order from our á la carte menu. You can view a selection of mysteries, thrillers, comic strips, serials, erotic stories, or novelettes on a one time basis with no further obligation. You can also view our first three archives containing twelve issues each on a one time basis. Go to our á la carte page for complete details or to log in, once you have purchased an á la carte item.
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